Welcome to Nightingale Harley Street

Hello, my name is Florence Gray. I am the Managing Director and Senior Counselling Consultant at Nightingale Counselling Consultancy. I have worked in private practice with couples, individuals and organisations for twelve years. I founded the company in Glasgow in 2002, after I completed my   three year training programme with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the Scottish branch of Relate.

I also draw on other counselling disciplines and methodologies such as Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Coaching.

Prior to counselling, I had a long and successful career spanning twenty years working in Glasgow and London in large corporate organisations in a variety of roles, both as an internal and external consultant. I gained expertise in Coaching, Training, Consultancy and Business Development.

Over the last year, Nightingale has engaged a number of associate counsellors and psychologists from different backgrounds and expertise in order to broaden and strengthen the company’s service provision. The associate counsellors and psychologists in Glasgow are selected for their training, qualifications, talent, attitude, confidence, generosity of spirit and, above all, their commitment to their clients and the counselling profession.

I have succeeded in bringing a highly professional counselling service to the people of Glasgow. It is my goal to bring the same service provision to London. Over the years I have worked with many high profile clients from London who travelled to Glasgow for a consultation and, for that reason, I have decided to expand the organisation to Harley Street W1.  I offer appointments on a two weekly basis in London. At this point, I bring my areas of expertise to Harley Street.

I look forward to working with you in Harley Street.


Call us in Glasgow on

0141 353 9373

or in London on

020 7467 8520

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Inertia Designer and Fireman

My relationship was ruined, constant arguments, anger, frustration and plenty of tears. Florence has taught us both how to listen, communicate, appreciate and understand each other. Thank you for saving us, you are a true mentor.

Herbalist and Businessman

The vitriol and venom of our first meeting would have been enough to put any sane person off – Who are these awful people? Thankfully Florence is trained to see beneath the pain, hurt and defences. Her sense of humour, perception, gentleness yet no-nonsense attitude helped put a long marriage back on track. Hopefully the new skills we have learnt with counselling will help us nurture a healthier, more loving relationship built on mutual respect, safe in the knowledge that counselling is still available if we should need it.

Medical Consultant

If you think you need marriage guidance, you do and don’t ignore the warning signs; anything is fixable if you do it early enough.

Pharmacist and Doctor

I was first introduced to Nightingale Counselling when my marriage was coming to an end. I found our counselling sessions to be a real revelation and learned so much about myself and about what makes relationships tick. I would recommend Florence to anyone who was experiencing relationship difficulties.

Graphic Designer and Lecturer

Couple Counselling was absolutely the last resort for our marriage and neither of us knew what to expect. Our problems seemed so convoluted I wondered where on earth we would begin, but Florence’s direct approach and down to earth manner made us get to the point pretty quickly and, more importantly, stay there. It was a huge relief to talk openly without feeling freakish or judged or pitied. She was able to keep up just enough pressure to keep us moving forward, but without us being overwhelmed at the difficult bits. This approach has been very successful for us and has opened up lines of communication which seemed absolutely beyond reach when we started.


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The House

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Tel 020 7467 8520

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